Dear Michelle,

I attended a workshop in Bredell over the weekend hosted by Vera. And would like to share my testimony.

While still attending the workshop, I dreamt of a spider in my bedroom trying to make a web in the corner of the wall close to the ceiling, but every time he tried to get close to the corner an invisible something stopped the spider and would push the spider back. My interpretation of this dream is Jesus is the corner stone and was protecting me from witchcraft and Jezebel spirit (spider).

Two nights ago I dreamt of my mother who has passed away, we were taking curtains down. in the book by Martin van der Merwe: Hearing from God: Dream Dictionary dreaming of your deceased mother means – “Resolved” – It can point to bloodline curses from your mother’s side that has been broken and that you are set free”.

Today a consumer credit rating report has shown that I have no debt, that my slate is clean and that there is no history of bad debt. This is extremely unlikely as 9 years ago I had a huge amount of debt outstanding. I was incarcerated for fraud caused by a gambling addiction, so that amount should still have been outstanding since no amount of money was paid towards outstanding debts while i was in prison. So, you can just imagine my surprise to find that my debt and credit rating has been wiped clean. I am absolutely bowled over. Thank you Yeshua, all glory and honour to the Father. Thank you to Vera and team for your dedication and obedience to the Father.

Blessed beyond measure.