Thank you Abba for Your love and grace leading me to the epigenetics workshop 24-25th Aug 2017! He SO had an appointment with me and my generations. After suffering intence trauma due to bloodline curses that still remained because we did’nt renounce all of it and skipped very imoortant stuff, Abba ed us back to that and then directly into the epigenetics conference.After day one I came home and asked my little Grade 2girl “and?how was your first day at school after the holliday?” Her spontanious Spirit filled and touched answer (not knowing WHAT profound time in prayer her mommy did the whole day taking the sin, trauma exc right into His Courtroom) she replied “mommy!! It was fantastic! I shined my light the whole day!! ek het my lig die hele dag laat skyn!!”. Thank you Abba for restoring my little girl and changed her DNA to yours. Your Light was what I experienced the whole day penetrating myself and my family, You then clothed me as I stood there on behalf of myself and my family desperate JUST for You, the robe was in layers of “material”.First the Blood of Yeshua, then a layer of Light , then the Blood and again a layer of Light , thick beautifull robe covered me and Yeshua put it on Himself. All and ALL the Glory I give to You!