Thank You Abba for Your Great Love for Your Creation. For us, for Jeshua….

Thank you Vera for hearing and listening to our Fathers voice and being so obedient.

16 December 2017

The day the Lord saved a little girl called despair:

Thank You Abba for saving that little girl, sitting there in deep, utter darkness, banging her head against the wall.

Nobody knew about her, she was totally alone and forgotten. In total despair. Never understood, carrying all the anger of the world it seems on her very small shoulders.

Nobody ever wanted to come close to her in any case because she was so vicious and full of self hate… Her face full of scratches and her pale hair just hanging with tears streaming down her face.

But You turned around and You saw her. And You said: “hold on little one, I’m coming. Will you allow Me to carry you out?”

She lifted her little arms. He picked her up ever so gently. She clung to Him. Her arms holding Him tightly around His neck.

She feels His love for her. He turns with her in His arms and slowly walks away from the dark place where she spent most of her life. Almost 45 years.

Thank You Abba for sending Yeshua to take her out of darkness and for bringing her into Your marvelous Light. She is safe and loved and forever grateful.

Thank You Jesus

Her new name is JOY!!!!!